A little virtual hello!

Take a look at my intro video. Don’t worry, it’s not too long but it might help you when deciding on hiring a VA.

I really dislike About website pages that bang on about how amazing a person or a business is. You’re not interested in how great I am, you want to know how I can help, but knowing if I’m any good is part of the process of hiring a contractor. My Name is Sarah Wilson-Blackwell and I have worked support roles in various sectors for over 20 years. I gained lots of experience which now helps support photographers and creatives. I am also partner of The Oxford Cake Co. and owner of Wilson Blackwell Photography.

Still not sure about hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Take a look at my journal which has lots of helpful information. It will also give you a flavour of what I’m about and hopefully a good overview of what I offer.

Check out my core services:

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