Who keeps an eye on your emails and DM’s when you’re out on a shoot or taking time off?

Do you try and get to them when you have a spare minute or do you leave them until you have the time? Are you missing potential leads?

Imagine having an associate who could cover your emails and DM’s when you have a busy week. It would be short term – no employee nonsense to worry about and you could use the service again and again. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Wait no longer because you can do exactly that.

Out Of Office Associate – £375*

Here’s what it includes;

  • Email Cover – You pop my template email response on your out of office and voila! People know I’m looking after things
  • Social Media Management – I’ll deal with your DM’s
  • Regular Updates – I’ll keep you in the loop as much or as little as you want
  • Summary – If you take the cover when you’re on leave you’ll get a handover email which will include everything I’ve done and what you need to action on your return

*Price based on 1 working week, Monday to Friday during standard office hours. No set daily period given

But what do I know? Take a look at my blog post on the subject.

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